Philip Heckman's Card Catalog Mystery

We are so excited to host "You Will All Be Punished Unless the Guilty Party Confesses," a mystery story housed in a groovy old card catalog!

This readable hands-on art installation was written and designed by local author Philip Heckman. Each of the 15 drawers tells a piece of this story that can be read in any order. Just open the drawers and see what happens...

You can find it in the Tween section, downstairs in the children's area. Stop by and take a look!

NEW After School Edge Computer

Clara is making a really cool animation using our brand new After School Edge computer located in the Children's Library. 

The AfterSchool Edge features 50 top-rated educational software titles that appeal to elementary school students of all grades. It's loaded with an eclectic range of educational titles to ensure there are engaging activities for kids 6 to 12 years old. The content spans the entire curricular spectrum, from STEM topics to reading and math to reference and the arts. Talk about homework help! Oh, and it's FUN, too!! Just ask Clara. 

Dr. James A. and Lorna Will Donate Large Gift for Columbus Public Library Parking Lot in 2013

Dr. James A. and Lorna Will have shown their dedication to the City of Columbus and the Columbus Public Library with a generous gift of $10,000 to go toward the much anticipated library parking lot project.

In May the library’s request for funding the parking lot project was denied by the City Council on the basis that the project should have been included in the 2013 City budget and could not be added halfway through the fiscal year. With plans to follow City protocol and add the project to their 2014 budget request, the library’s Board of Trustees let the matter rest after that May Council meeting.

Library Board member Lorna Will was not content to lose the opportunity to create a safer parking situation for the library in 2013, however. Identifying a $10,000 gap in the funding required to do the project this year, Lorna and her husband James took it upon themselves to fill that gap. Their gift was presented to the library on Friday, July 19.

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