Thank You to Those Who Helped Make the Eunique Jones Gibson program possible

Thank you to sponsors who helped fund Enique Jones Gibbson program

The Columbus Public Library is grateful to the Columbus Area Endowment for their generous support of our programming. The Endowment is an incredible resource, and our community is fortunate to have it available. This event simply could not have taken place without the CAE.

In addition, we would like to acknowledge the support of The Virtual Project, which is a collaboration among the public libraries of Columbia County to bring virtual programming to their patrons. The participating Project members were instrumental in publicizing this program through their local libraries.

Last but not least, we would like to thank our patrons for attending this program. We like to repeat the library adage: "Bad libraries build collections. Good libraries build programs. Great libraries build communities." We are grateful to our wonderful Columbus community for their participation in all of our programs.

Our thanks to you all.