Computer information and reservations

Make sure a computer is available before you go to the library.
Reserve a computer now.



Public computers

How do I log onto the computer? You need a library card in good standing to be able to use the public access computers at Columbus Public Library. You will need the number from your library card bar code and your 4-digit PIN number to log on. If you need help with either of these numbers, the friendly folks at the circulation desk can help.

How long can I use the computer? Computers are available to individual patrons for up to one hour each day. The computer will track the amount of time in your session each time you log on.

I've never used a computer. Can the staff teach me?
Limited assistance is provided as time permits.   Patrons using the computer should know how to type and use a mouse.  We encourage you to check out a book on computers which will help to increase your understanding before you use them. Of course, we are happy to help you find the right book for your computer skill level.