Offering Curb Side Service Starting April 28

Columbus Public Library is excited to be able to off the curbside service to the community.

We know everyone is excited about having access to library materials and we want to make sure we let everyone know how this process will work. Limited services will be available starting Tuesday, Apirl 28 and services will be conducted Tuesday-Thursday 10:00am-8:00pm. Reminder: the lobby, restrooms, computers, and other spaces will not be accessible.

Here are some things we would like you to know about our curb side service:

1). We will begin working in the building on Monday, April 27th and pull items that are on hold for COL patrons only.

2). We will be reaching out to patrons who have existing holds on the shelf waiting to be picked up. These are items that you didn't have a chance to pick them up before we closed in March.

3). After the first two steps are completed, staff will begin processing new requests. Requests can be made starting on Tuesday the 28th after 10am.

4). You will be limited to items available at Columbus Public Library--SCLS is not running delivery service between libraries at this time.

5). You can place holds through Linkcat, but you will want to make sure the items shows up as "available" at Columbus Public Library, otherwise we will not be able to pull it for you. You can also make general requests by contacting the library at 920-623-5910, email or fill out the Google form found here. A video tutorial to access the Google form can be accessed here.

6.) There will be a limit of 25 items per pick up regardless of number of people being picked up for. We are also asking that you limit pick up to one time per week.

7). Staff will call you once your items have been pulled and are ready for pick up. You must schedule a time to pick up these items. Please follow staff instructions. 

8). When you arrive at your designated pickup time, please pull up to the James Street curb in front of the library in the loading zone. We will then bring your items out and place them on the hood of your vehicle. To keep with social distancing, we ask that you wait until library staff is back on the patio area before exiting your vehicle.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and we look forward to being able to serve the community in this new way.