No More Overdue Fines at Columbus Public Library!

Your Columbus Public Library is making it easier than ever to borrow library materials. As of June 1, 2019, they are no longer charging overdue fines for any materials checked out at the library. While this has been the policy for items from the children’s library, for teachers, and for senior citizens, this no-fine approach now extends to all items checked out at the library, for people of all ages.

According to library staffer Heather, “This is our new life happens policy. Whatever life throws you, we’ll work with you.” Library Board and staff members know due dates are sometimes hard to follow. “Kids can’t find a book and you know it’s in their room somewhere? The weather was so bad you didn’t dare go out? Accident, illness, or injury? No problem,” assures Heather.

To make this good news even better news, staff members at the library will erase any old overdue fines you have for items checked out at the Columbus Public Library in the past. If you accrued an overdue fine last week or last decade, they can make that go away so you can start with a clean slate. To clarify, it’s only overdue fines that are going away and it’s only overdue fines that can be pardoned. If you lose or damage library materials in the future, or if you did so in the past, you’re still responsible for paying the replacement cost.

With the start of the library’s Summer Reading Program, this is the best time ever to check out your library. “Come on in and see what we have to offer,” Heather says. “This is also a great time to renew your old card or get a new one. Everyone is welcome!”