Live Virtual Author Event: 3 Practices for Crossing the Difference Divide

Author Jim Henderson will discuss his book, 3Practices for Crossing the Difference Divide, virtually on July 8 at 5:00 pm. Early in 2017, Jim and his partner, Jim Hancock, started testing 3Practice Circles in Seattle, then here and there across the country, in an effort to prove it’s possible to have substantive, civil conversations with ideological opponents — the sort of conversations that have to take place before any of us can become true friends with people who disagree with us. The 3Practices are a map across the difference divide — Practice One: I’ll be Unusually Interested in others — Practice Two: I’ll stay in the room with difference — Practice Three: I’ll stop comparing my best with your worst. This book is about practicing the Practices in the safety of a controlled environment so people can take them home — and to work, school, and anywhere they’re likely to encounter people who hate what they love and love what they hate. There will be ample time for questions at the end of Jim’s presentation.

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