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Crayons Are For More Than Just Coloring

Did you know you can make some pretty cool art when mix heat and crayons? Maybe you have seen melted crayon art on Pinterest but have been unsure about trying it. Well now is your chance to create your own unique piece! The library’s February instalment of Gettin’ Crafty on Saturday, February 16 is all about melted crayon art. We will provide all the supplies, the canvas, the crayons, the heat, even some ideas to help you get your creative juice flowing. You can create art that appears to drip down the canvas or even use heat to make the crayons create a sunset or starry night.

Author Surprises Short Stuff Group

So a crazy thing happened at the January 17 meeting of Short Stuff, the author of one of the short stories secretly showed up!

A friend of author R.S. Deeren had seen on Facebook that the Deeren’s short story Her, Guts and All was one of the four pieces being discussed at the Columbus Public Library short story book club Short Stuff. Deeren, who currently resides in the Milwaukee area, could not resist the chance to attend an event where his work was to be featured and discussed. He and a friend participated in the night’s trivia and discussion, while those around him, including the library staff, had no idea who he really was and what they were about to find out. Her, Guts and All happened to be the last short story to be discussed. While other were gushing about how beautifully well-written the piece was, Deeren suddenly spoke up, simply saying, “Thanks. I wrote it.” The room became full of deer in headlight stares as all could not believe their ears and eyes as he went on to show the stunned group

Jen and Honey Lockman, 2018 Library Volunteers of the Year!

Tuesday night was merry and bright at the Columbus Public Library. The annual Volunteer Holiday Celebration featured great food, wonderful friends and sweet treats. The 2018 volunteers of the year were feted with pizza and dog bones. We are honored to have the time and talent of Jen Lockamn and her dog Honey as regular monthly volunteers in the library. Honey the dog and her trainer Jen settle in at the library on the first Thursday of each month for a little one-on-one quiet reading time.

Honey is the star of the library’s PAWS to Read program. This program serves people of all ages who are reluctant to read in front of others. Children and adults with lower literacy skills need to practice reading as much as they can. A great way to hone that skill is to read aloud to an attentive listener. Honey is the perfect person listener for shy readers. Honey and her readers cuddle up together for 15 minutes of safe and

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