Homework Help

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Tutoring and Practice


Access live one-on-one online chat help every day from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Learning Express

This detailed resource provides practice sets and tutorials for a wide variety of subjects. Check out the School Center, College Center (for advanced math and science like calculus), and High School Equivalency Center to find the topic that most interests you. The Computer Skills Center also has helpful software tutorials.

Khan Academy

This website is full of free, self-paced tutorials in math, science, coding, economics, and the arts.

Free Rice

Quiz yourself in English and foreign language vocabulary, grammar, human anatomy, chemical symbols, and geography. Rice will be donated through the World Food Programme for each question you answer correctly.



Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia

Don't know where to start on that research project? Reading an encyclopedia article can help you find basic facts and different avenues worth exploring.

Britannica School Edition

Another great online encyclopedia. Need a Spanish language encyclopedia? Try Britannica Moderna!


General Research

MAS Ultra School Edition

Search this database of magazines, books, and multimedia.

Explora for Middle & High Schools

Search for content especially for middle school and high school students or browse by subject.

Academic Search Premier

Find academic journal articles for in-depth projects with this database that is commonly used at colleges and universities.




Full-text poems, short stories, and author biographies can be accessed from this database.

Literary Reference Center

Visit this database for author information, full-text literary criticism articles, a literary research guide, basic info on citation styles, images, and more.

Project Gutenberg

Publications on this website are no longer protected by copyright law so they can be freely used. This is a great place to find older full-text books and plays to read or remix for creative assignments.


Access study guides, discussion forums, plot summaries and analysis of many famous books to help get you up to speed. Shakespeare's plays got you stumped? Try reading them page-by-page online with the original text alongside a modern English translation.



Access Newspaper Archive

Use this database to find U.S. and international newspaper articles dating all the way back to the 1700's.

History Reference Center

Search for history articles from academic journals, magazines, newspapers, and reference books or browse topics in U.S. or World History.

Wisconsin Local and County Histories

Research local history projects by accessing the Wisconsin Historical Society's histories of almost all 72 Wisconsin counties.



Science Reference Center

Find science experiments, images, video, and full-text articles and books in this database.


Learn about health and medicine from the U.S. National Library of Medicine's articles, videos, and tutorials.



Wisconsin Media Lab

Find and watch free online videos on topics that relate to classwork and research projects. Need sound effects for a presentation or project? Wisconsin Media Lab's Soundzabound has lots of free audio files that can be used for schoolwork, so it may be just the website for you.