So long, Kelsey (tear). Hello, Katrina (yay).

Columbus Public Library bids a sad farewell to Kelsey Johnson-Kaiser who served as the library's first ever Youth Services Director from February 2013 to the last day of our Summer Library Program on July 26. She brought great energy and creativity to the position and to the community. She will be missed. Kelsey is moving to the La Crosse Public Library, serving as a Youth Services Librarian in the main location.
Replacing Kelsey, we are happy to announce the hire of Katrina Dombrowsky. As was Kelsey, Katrina is hired fresh out of her studies at UW-Madison School of Library and Information Studies. She is full of new ideas and insight into the world of youth services. We expect great things from Katrina and for Columbus.   :-)
Photo--left: Kelsey Johnson-Kaiser; right Katrina Dombrowsky