Handicapped accessibility and services

Columbus Public Library strives to serve people of all abilities.
Some of our resources include:

  • Handicapped parking in front of the entry and also across the street in the city parking lot
  • Our facility is in compliance with the American's with Disabilities Act. We hope you find it fully accessible.
  • Magnifying glasses
  • ZOOM TEXT, large print keyboard and track ball available


Free Postal Service

For patrons who are blind, deaf, reading disabled, visually and/or physically handicapped

Please call 623-5910 for an application or call to talk to Sue Mathwich.


Who is eligible to receive free materials via the US Postal Service?

  • Blind: Visual acuity of 20/20 or less in the better eye with correcting glasses or the widest diameter of visual field subtending an angular distance no greater than 20 degrees.
  • Moderate hearing impairment: Some difficulty hearing and understanding speech.
  • Physical Handicap: Unable to hold a book or turn pages as a result of physical limitations. Examples include: without arms or the use of arms; impaired or weakened muscle and nerve control; limitations resulting from strokes, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, polio, arthritis, or similar conditions; and individuals who are homebound due to illness or injury.
  • Profound hearing impairment: Cannot hear or understand speech.
  • Reading disability: Organic dysfunction of sufficient severity to prevent reading printed materials in a normal manner.
  • Visual handicap: Lacks visual acuity to read standard printed materials without special aids or devices other than regular glasses.