Borrowing materials

How do I get a library card? Adults requesting a library card are required to submit a Photo ID along with acceptable proof of current address: Wisconsin driver's license, canceled mail, or a checkbook. See the Circulation Policy for more information. Children must be accompanied by an adult who will take responsibility for the child's account and provide photo ID and proof of address.

How long can I keep the items I check out?

7 days for VHS tapes and DVDs

14 days for CD-ROMs

14 days for B&T Lease collection books, Magazines, Pamphlets, Musical CD's, Outside the South Central Library System Interlibrary Loan, Magazines and Discovery Backpacks

28 days for fiction, non-fiction, audio books, teacher collections

Reference materials circulate as marked on the material

Is there a grace period for returning items? Yes. Though materials are due on the date stamped or as shown on the patrons receipt, patrons will not be charged overdue fines if the item is returned during the 7-day grace period.

What are the fines? As mentioned above, fines will not be assessed if item(s) are returned within the 7-day grace period. If item(s) are returned after the grace period, overdue fines are assessed based on the DUE DATE. This means you will pay fines for the seven days of the grace period and any days that extend beyond it if you do not return your item(s) within the seven days of the grace period. Patrons paying fines for overdue or lost materials shall be issued a written receipt if it is for over $2. Fines are as follows:

$.05/day for Books, teacher collections, big books, audio books, music CDs and magazines

$.35/day for DVDs and VHS tapes

$1.00/day for discovery backpacks, games, puppets and CD-ROMs

$5.00 will be charged for missing booklets from CDs and DVDs

When I receive a citation from the police department can I return the materials and avoid going to court or paying a fine? No. Once the information is sent to the police department for city ordnance violation it is out of the library's hands. The police department files the citations and issues a notice to appear in court.  If you return your lost materials to the library we will notify the police department.  If you received a judgment any fines, etc. owed need to be paid to the Clerk of Courts not the library.   The Clerk of Courts than sends the library a check and your record will be cleared of charges for those materials.